Dr. Garai’s Lectures and Seminars

Dates: 2013-2014

  • 08/16: Cephalometrics and Orthodontic Diagnosis, X-Rays, Part I
  • 09/20: Cephalometrics and Diagnosis, X-rays, Part II
  • 10/18: Elastics
  • 11/22: Introduction to Class II Orthodontic Treatment
  • 2/17: Introduction to Class III Orthodontic treatment
  • 3/17: Facemask and Expanders
  • 4/21: Headgear and Distalizing Mechanics
  • 5/19: Deep bite correction (Intrusion vs. Extrusion)
  • 6/16: Lingual Orthodontics, Part I
  • 7/21: Lingual Orthodontics, Part II

Dr. Allen Garai has been an attending faculty at both Children’s National Medical Center and Washington Hospital in Washington, D.C. since 1998.

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